Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks

Ashville Concrete is delighted to be able to offer all of our new and existing clients concrete Interlocking Blocks. These blocks provide a hugely versatile and durable solution for an extensive range of applications, including but not limited too:

– Storage bays

– Material bays

– Aggregate bays

– Partition walls

– Security blocks

– Retaining walls

– Temporary works

– Highways

– Salt Bays

As with our Ready Mix Concrete and Ready Mix Screed we use only the highest quality cement, stone and sand to create our Concrete Interlocking blocks. They are extremely versatile and can be continually manoeuvred and re-positioned as you see fit. We have found in our own depot, Concrete blocks a superb alternative to the conventional steel posts and sleepers which are extremely difficult and costly to alter once in place

The makeup of our Concrete blocks mean they will withstand the hasher winter months and never let you down. We have engineered them to be easy to manoeuvre with a cast-in lifting pin flush with the concrete surface. Larger sized blocks have 2 pins. All you need do is attached to the lifting pins and place the concrete interlocking blocks in a configuration of your choosing.