Concrete Pump Hire Barbican

Concrete Pump Hire Barbican

Concrete Pump Hire Barbican

At Ashville Concrete we offer Concrete Pump Hire and surrounding areas. Our Concrete Pumping fleet consists of both Line and Boom Pumps, which mean we can serve commercial, utility and domestic clients.

For domestic clients we offer the ability to pump ready mix concrete to those hard to reach areas such as your new rear extension, new basement, path or shed footing. Ordinarily a line pump is used for this and we can pump up to 100 meters.

Commercial projects use both our line and boom pump services. Line pumps can be used to reach footings or underpinning areas to the rear or lower levels of the site. Boom Pumps can be used to create slabs on elevated levels or just to reach an inaccessible location. Our Utility and Highway clients often use line pumps when reinstating Public highways. Generally a C35 – C50 Ready Mix Concrete mix is used.

Here at Ashville Concrete we are devoted to giving all of our clients the most dependable and responsive regardless of the size of the delivery that we are giving you. Ashville Concrete are part of the Ashville Group and are experienced enough to understand all of our customer’s needs and sufficiently little to provide personal correspondence with every order. After making your first enquiry to one of our supportive and expert staff we will stay in consistent correspondence until the point that the project is completed.

Alongside Concrete Pump Hire Barbican, we also offer:

We offer Concrete Pump Hire however, on request provide just the Pumping services. When booking you will need to ensure you have adequate access for the vehicle. This is generally around 4 parking spaces. We set up all the pipework ourselves in preparation for the Ready Mix Concrete Lorry which generally arrives about an hour afterwards.

Every one of our employees here at Ashville have undergone extensive health and safety training that ensures any potential risks are eradicated before we arrive at your location. We have a firm belief that prevention is better than cure and as a result we regularly audit our sites and vehicles not only internally but also working with trustworthy external third parties.

Concrete Pump Hire Barbican Uses:

Under Pinning
Highway reinstatement