Foamed Concrete

Foamed Concrete

Foamed Concrete has a low density and is highly workable making it one of the most efficient and flexible products we offer. It can be pumped and is both self-levelling and self-compacting. Given the percentage of air (up to 80%) contained within the mix, the risk of cracking or shrinkage is lower than some harder mixes. No matter the environment in which you place the concrete, extreme weather will not damage it. Foamed Concrete is Freeze/Thaw Resistant and can also insulate surrounding materials. The properties of Ready Mix Foam Concrete mean it is a favourite with our utility and highway contractor clients.

Foamed concrete has an extensive range of applications:

  • Unwanted voids such as pipelines and sinkholes
  • Structural stabilisations such as embankments or tunnels
  • Resurfacing or repair work on roads and pavements
  • Fillings of disused tanks such as petrol or oil tanks
  • Filling of silos or water tanks

We provide foam concrete alongside standard Ready Mix Concrete London and other specialist concrete mixes. As we provide service on state of the art Volumetric mixers, we have the ability to provide a number of Ready Mix Concretes in one visit. For instance on a project with multiple trenches and walkways, we can provide a C40 mix beneath the public highway and foam concrete in another area.

Our professional operators take great pride in our Volumetric lorries and ensure they are maintained meticulously. They’re also installed with state-of-the-art tracking technology to ensure we can monitor our fleet and adapt to any unforeseen issues en route to your location.

Generally we can provide foam concrete the same day, but only as long as you let us know before our vehicle leaves the depot so we may load the required admixture.

For more information on Foam Concrete, please call our professional and helpful office staff on 020 7736 0355 or by emailing [email protected].

Foamed Concrete
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