Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barriers

At Ashville Concrete we have recently began to create and supply motorway concrete barriers or as the are known “Jersey Barriers”. Having worked within the industry and supplied countless cubic meters of Ready Mix Concrete to utility and reinstatement clients, Jersey Barriers where the next logical step.

As with our Ready Mix Concrete and Ready Mix Screed we use only the highest quality cement, stone and sand to create our Jersey Barriers. They are extremely durable, easy to use and the ultimate solution in anti-vehicle perimeter protection.

The Jersey barriers conveniently interlock and have been shaped to allow installation with a forklift. The Concrete barriers provide the perfect safety precaution for an extensive selection of application for temporary and permanent works. The applications include:

– Flood defences

– Providing barriers to protect workers on construction sites

– Bollards

– Crowd control

– Traffic directing

– Car park security

– Counterweights

The Jersey barriers are 2000mm long, 900mm high and 540 wide. Every barrier is certified as freeze thaw and fire resistant which means that we can provide a solid barrier in all conditions and terrains. The substantial weight of this product also allows it to be able to safely retain tonnes of material should you desire.