FORS Gold Standard Operator

Ashville Concrete Ltd is happy to announce becoming a Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme – FORS Gold Standard Operator.

Ashville Concrete was established in 2017 by Director Daniel Louisy. Our director achieved his CPC qualification and became the company’s CPC holder (Transport Manager). We then upgraded from a Restricted Operator Licence to a Standard National. FORS was next on the list for us on the journey to becoming a quality business, recognised for its quality standards.

FORS Gold Standard | Ashville Aggregates

FORS Gold Standard | Ashville Concrete

Progression has been swift and following achievement of Bronze accreditation in March this year the team secured Silver status at the end of May. Daniel driven by the highest quality service standards felt that Gold Accreditation should be next step for the growing business. “FORS was the obvious next step to becoming a quality business. I believe Gold accreditation will enhance our reputation in the industry. Firstly, because of the status and prestige associated with the badge displayed on the back of our trucks and secondly, through the competitive edge, we hope will be gained when competing for work,” remarks Daniel


To be proactive and forward thinking in our business approach, to gaining a foothold in the industry we have fitted all the vehicles with Crossrail compliant safety features. “Our ongoing aim is to work towards the highest standards in our industry. Gold accreditation is something that will help consolidate the business and demonstrate our commitment to the industry and the Scheme. Going forward, Ashville Concrete aims to continue to work towards the best service practice in our industry with FORS Gold accreditation seen as the “icing on the cake” which underpins all the ambitions we have for the future,” says Daniel.


 We approached the FORS Gold Standard Operator accreditation process with the highest importance. It is important for both our business and our existing/future customers.  We are happy to announce that following the rigorous and strict process we are now proud holders of FORS Gold Standard Operator Badge.

For further information, please visit FORS website.