Retarded Concrete

Retarded Concrete

Retarded Concrete is Ready Mix Concrete with a retarder admixture and a slightly different mix ratio. We can provide to a design mix or provide a mix to be approved by the project consultants. Retarded Concrete gives a greater workability period as the concrete takes a longer period of time to set, therefore more attention and protection does need to be paid to this particular mix.

As is the case with the rest of our concrete products, our retarded concrete is freeze thaw resistant and is suitable for a wide range of applications across the construction, domestic, utility and Highway industries.

Once the retarded concrete has set, it will be more durable than standard Ready Mix Concrete London as the admixture reduces the amount of water in the mix. Therefore retarded concrete provides two major benefits; a longer setting time with greater workability and increased strength once set.

The risk of settlement cracking and plastic shrinkage is also a lot lower than standard Ready Mix Concrete.

At Ashville Concrete we provide Retarder concrete via Volumetric mixers. The advantage of this is that you only pay for what you use with no return charges. We also have the ability with in the same delivery to provide different standard and admixture concretes as long as we are aware of this before we leave our depot. We provide service on a next day or in some cases a same day basis dependant on workload.

For more information on Retarded Concrete please call 020 7736 0355.

Retarded Concrete
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