We care about the environment

Sustainability is at the core of our company, and it is one of our main focuses across our different businesses. We are dedicated to improving our impact on the world and the environment.

We understand that by doing our part in ensuring we streamline all of our processes and making them as sustainable as possible, we will not only help our industry but our clients and customers also.

The Environment

Sustainability has been at the forefront of many businesses across the world over the last few years. Sustainability must be an integral part of many commercial operations.

Major companies are under considerable pressure to use materials that have been sustainably sourced. Sustainability has become a primary selling point – something that customers actively seek and want.

Importance of Concrete

Concrete is not only the world’s most used building material, but also the world’s most used material in general after water – for a reason. It is abundant, affordable, locally available and can be used in innumerable ways.

Concrete’s remarkable properties make it a vital element in both limiting the scope, and combating the effects of climate change – enabling the development of sustainable and resilient building and communities around the world.

When taking the performance of a building over its whole lifecycle into account, concrete offers significant sustainability benefits over other building materials thanks to its innate properties, such as its strength, durability, resilience to extreme weather and hazards such as fire, its thermal mass, its recyclability, its carbon uptake, and its local availability.