How To Build A Path With Building Sand

Building Sand

Creating a new path made of brick is ideal if you are looking to create a curving path in your back garden or create a lovely path leading to the front of your home. Brick is also known to be a very durable material.

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Things you will need:

  • shovel and spade
  • wheelbarrow
  • stakes made of wood
  • lump hammer and rubber mallet
  • gloves and goggles
  • string line and pins
  • whack plate
  • spirit level
  • watering can/bucket
  • soft brush
  • cement mixer/plate compactor
  • hardcore – Type 1 MOT
  • silver and building sand
  • cement, cement mixer, small and large cement trowels
  • edging stone – 110x110mm
  • clay cobble sets

Step by step

  • Begin the work by digging out a depth of 15 to 20cm for the path. This will make room for a layer of brick and Type 1 hardcore.
  • Tap in the stakes into the ground around the boundary. It is important to get these levels precisely, make sure you check them with a spirit level.
  • Place a layer of Type 1 MOT to a depth of around 5 to 8cm and compact it all with a compactor (whacker).
  • Start mixing the cement, remembering to wear your gloves and goggles. Use water, followed by this ratio of 1 part cement to 4 parts building sand. Continue adding water until the required smooth texture is achieved.
  • Begin to lay the inner edge of roughly around 5cm with cement and tap on the top of the pegs you have there. Using a spirit level, make sure you regularly check the level.
  • Move the edging more in with cement and set to dry. Wait for no less than 24 hours to set appropriately.
  • Add some building sand, compact firmly and wipe off excess sand.
  • Begin placing the bricks into the sand and arrange them next to each other accordingly. Use the length of straight wood and tap down until level with other bricks.
  • Dispense heaps of the dry sand throughout the duration of the path to complete the brick sett.
  • Start to work the sand into the gaps with a soft brush. Brush it in various directions up until the sand reaches the exact same level of the bricks. The sand will disappear as you go along, so you will need to continue to add more until all the gaps are filled in and stable.

If you require any of building materials above such as Building Sand and Type 1 MOT, we will be more than happy to provide you with an excellent service.

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