WW2 Bomb – Grab Hire

Bomb squads closed a street near Clapham Common on Friday (26th September 2014) afternoon and local residents were required to leave their homes as the street was put on high alert after a landscape gardener discovered an unexploded bomb, which dated back to the Second World War.

At around 3pm a Landscaping Contractor and a Grab Hire company discovered the Second World War bomb while carrying out aggregate supply works. Local residents and shopkeepers were shocked by the news while waiting for the specialist bomb disposal unit to make the device safe.

Grab Hire london

Grab Hire london

The homeowner had a interest in war films and took the device to a friend a few streets along, who confirmed it was in fact a bomb. It then dawned on the Homeowner and Grab Hire London Company that the bomb could  have gone off.

Lucky, the emergency services attended and there were no casualties.

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